11/25/16                                                                                                                  11:45PM

The pain inside my chest

It get’s worse as the nights grow darker.

The voices in my head

They keep telling me to run farther.

I cry myself to sleep

The shadows grow deep

And all I can do is lie here awake

Praying i’ll be okay.

You can never hurt me

You can never break me

You will never be able to hear me

You will never understand me.

The things I tell myself

The way I viciously tear myself apart

The things I do to take away my pain.

You’ll never know.

My insecurity bites my spine

While my heart aches in synchronized time

With the burning crackle of the fire that melts my soul.

The stone I carry on my own

Only ever reminds me I’m still alone.

It’s hard to feel warm in the dark

As it’s the same with the people who embark.

The more I try

The more i wish to die.

But in the end

I will still be lonely

As nothing you say can hurt me,

I only ever hurt myself.

You can never destroy me

The way I so willingly destroyed myself.